Psalm 143:8 Show me the way to go, for to you I entrust my life.

If you had of told me a year ago that I would be working in the world as an agent of God, modern-day Priestess, Mystic and Sacred Leader, I’d have told you – duhhh!

In many ways I resisted God.  

I said Yes to knowing myself through a transformational era in training my intuitive intelligence, though I did so with a heap of expectations and deliverables I was bargaining for.

I insisted I needed to figure it all out, vision all of the tiniest details and map out every micro and macro move.
For anyone paying attention that might have looked alot like a spaghetti masterpiece of all the things I tried and failed last year.

Still God persisted.

So much of my journey is entrenched in releasing myself from the fear driven narrative of God in the world and as the world.
So much of my journey is overcoming this archetypal polarity played out through many other faces and names.
So much of my medicine is removing the distortion between that which keeps us apart from God.

If you have found me I trust that God has a reason for your being here.

My work in the world is to be an open vessel for God to speak through, to walk as and share from. 

I am here to support those who feel as though they have tried all of the things and have nowhere else but God to turn to.


Hi, I’m Kia!

I have a unique way of seeing the world and after overcoming my fear of letting this part of me be seen, I am here owning the potency it has to offer. 

My perception of the world is layered with archetypal information that appears to me often in anatomical and spiritual imaging. I see into your physiological, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. I see what most can not and with a highly disciplined and trained intuition am able to speak directly to parts of you that are hiding. 

No more hiding from yourself.

No more hiding from your Power.

No more hiding from God.

The way I commune with you in a session is layered, some of you will be conscious of that communion, others will only be felt at the level of the subconscious. 

My greatest super power is my ability to see you in your Sacred Power so that you can see you too. I lift the veil that you keep scaled over your eyes so that you can see just how fucking beautiful you always are.



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