Hi, I’m Kia!

I have a unique way of seeing the world and after overcoming my fear of letting this part of me be seen, I am here owning the potency it has to offer. 

My perception of the world is layered with archetypal information that appears to me often in anatomical and spiritual imaging. I see into your physiological, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. I see what most can not and with a highly disciplined and trained intuition am able to speak directly to parts of you that are hiding. 

No more hiding from yourself.

No more hiding from your Power.

No more hiding from God.

The way I commune with you in a session is layered, some of you will be conscious of that communion, others will only be felt at the level of the subconscious. 

My greatest super power is my ability to see you in your Sacred Power so that you can see you too. I lift the veil that you keep scaled over your eyes so that you can see just how fucking beautiful you always are.


Understanding the mechanics of IDENTITY is something that I have a lifelong fascination with. It started at 17 years of age when I was first treated for Bipolar Disorder and continued to peak my curiosity in my mid 20s as treatment began for Borderline Personality Disorder. With the support of an excellent Clinical Psychologist, I learned that my Identity is what I make of it, and is not static but as fluid and mobile as running water. Yet so often, many, most even, will struggle at some point or another with their Identity. Through my immersion in Ancient and Modern Sciences, I have come to deepen into my curiosity around Identity through the philosophy of anthropos that we are fully human fully divine. I have dissolved and recreated myself many times, at ease with the unfamiliar and well versed at becoming whole. My work centers on supporting you to feel safe in the dissolution that occurs within change, as you adapt to new norms of your wholeness and Integrated Identity. 

It is not as clean cut as simply making the decision that that’s who we want to be. 

Deciding who we want to be is only the starting point of becoming whole within oneself. If there are any learned patterns of behaviours from the many variables that contribute to how we have so far Identified ourselves, then there is an entire network of neural systems that have to change.  It means reducing the efficacy of the maladaptive behaviours that are well rehearsed with often lifetimes of practice, and increasing the traffic of new neural pathways that are considered as adaptive behaviours. This takes time, persistence, and compassion. 

Change takes time, persistence and compassion.

Integrated Identity is the process of becoming whole with who we are RIGHT NOW. It transcends this idea that we have to be “fixed” or that we have to wait until we have fully executed the change that we are setting out after. It is the process of  recognising old behaviours and when we have defaulted back to the familiar, and making the swift call to redirect ourselves to the road that we know we want to be travelling. If we consider the time it takes to develop lean muscle, it requires applied effort over time. While we wont lose muscle over night, we can be certain that without exercising the muscle groups we are intending to grow, over time we will lose any gains we have made. The same can be said for Integrating Identity changes. This is not a linear experience, and the muscle memory that can help a post-partom mother regain her physical strength once she starts training again, is the same muscle memory that activates everytime we persist on the road of our Integrated Identity.

Integration is cyclical in nature.

As we move through our lives, we are always changing, always growing. As we refine the neural activity to be more active in the patterns of behaviour of the Identity we are intending to Integrate, the world around us will change and grow too. At times we may find that we have simply outgrown the Identity that we were once working towards, and that behaviours that previously helped us to thrive, for some reason – aren’t any more. This can be distressing, especially if you are someone like me who experiences rapid phases of growth. It can feel like the roads are endless and the work is never done. This then exasperates the discomfort that comes certainly in the unknowness of change. Yet this is our nature. It is the cycle of life that shows up in every system (living or not) and it is not something that can be avoided. 

The discomfort of change is essential.

We would never change if there wasn’t discomfort. Imagine you are a river and one day you decide you are happy and comfortable in your life as it is and as though you never want things to change from this moment. You decide to build a dam wall so that the everchanging river becomes still, holding you in this state of perceived happines and comfortability. The river still flows, but because it has nowhere to go, the damn begins to fill. For a while, you still may feel comfortable and safe in the known, ignoring the rising levels of water. Until it begins to get too full, and soon begins to threaten an overflow which would result in a flood of destruction and chaos. Similarly, we are not meant to stay the same – ever. It goes agains our very nature. And when we install infrastructure that tries to defy our ever changing nature, by staying in the safety and comfort of the known – it is going to get uncomfortable. In many ways we already have dam walls installed in our psyche. In this lifetime our job is a combination of regulating our water levels by embracing change as it enters and integrating in the micro expansions and contractions of our personal energetic and physiological rhythms. It is also recognising which damn dam walls need to come down altogether to allow the full, uninhibited force of change to move through us.

Integrated Identity can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Part of the Hero’s journey (aka Sacred Leader) is always going to have a flavour of loneliness to it. Those who Identify as a Sacred Leader will know the feeling well. It is the feeling of needing to go it alone to protect and serve those around them. It is the Hero’s mentor (archetypally of course) saying “Do not fall in love because they can not go where you must go…” I am sure you are familiar with the trope. But this too can be considered a dam wall, and one that falls into the category of BURN THAT FUCKER TO THE GROUND. You do not walk this path alone dear Leader. Your Integrated Identity is one that CAN NOT be journeyed alone. 

C0nsider me as your Shadow on your journey to your Integrated Identity.

Every step you take, I go there with you – though I am not bound by the same dam walls as you and have a different perspective from my vantage point. As your shadow, I mirror to you the patterns of behaviour that are reinforcing the dam walls keeping you in the familiar, known zone, and provide insight through your own reflections of seeing yourself. I am a fierce ally to have beside you, because I not only am unafraid to stand beside you facing the fears of the unknown, but I am there devotionally hunting them. As fierce I am at hunting fear, I am that in compassion. My expression of compassion is not to coddle you, but to hold you – exactly as you are, with absolute and unconditional love. You can feel the difference right? The journey to your Integrated Identity is a beautiful trinity dance with You, your Shadow & God.  It is choreographed by your willingness to take one tiny step at a time, over the edge of the known and into the realm of your wholeness.



Psalm 143:8 Show me the way to go, for to you I entrust my life.

If you had of told me a year ago that I would be working in the world as an agent of God, modern-day Priestess, Mystic and Sacred Leader, I’d have told you – duhhh!

In many ways I resisted God.  

I said Yes to knowing myself through a transformational era in training my intuitive intelligence, though I did so with a heap of expectations and deliverables I was bargaining for.

I insisted I needed to figure it all out, vision all of the tiniest details and map out every micro and macro move.
For anyone paying attention that might have looked alot like a spaghetti masterpiece of all the things I tried and failed over the last couple of years of opening my Sacred Service.

Still God persisted.

So much of my journey is entrenched in releasing myself from the fear driven narrative of God in the world and as the world.
So much of my journey is overcoming this archetypal polarity played out through many other faces and names.
So much of my medicine is removing the distortion between that which keeps us apart from God.

If you have found me I trust that God has a reason for your being here.

My work in the world is to be an open vessel for God to speak through, to walk as and share from. 

I am here to support those who feel as though they have tried all of the things and have nowhere else but God to turn to.


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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land of which we serve, the Kabi Kabi people of the Taribelang Bunda nation and pay our respects to the Elders past, present, and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders of all communities who also work and live on this land. We honour them for serving as the Spiritual Gatekeepers of this land for thousands of years. Thank you.