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The online entrepreneurial gig has a subconscious expectation that you must be known for one thing. Constantly morphing makes you ‘flakey’.

This has never sat with me. I have sat on the sidelines watching incredible shapeshifters as endless sources of inspiration.

My own shapeshifter I have squished in a box. 

With my true essence contained in a box, I have tried to fit in with my ‘one thing’. In the process, I have forgotten who I am. I have squashed the deepest part of me afraid that if I share my message that I will confuse those who follow me. 

I asked myself the question ‘What is it I really want?’. 

All the noise of trying to fit in dissolved away so that my deepest inner voice could speak. 

“I want to weave consciousness with my craft,” she said. 

“I want to share all of me in a way that those who care to listen feel seen and heard by my message. I want to teach the nature of our multiverse in a way that allows people to experience it for themselves, as though that is how it has always been. I want to create new worlds simply by the expression of my endless creativity.” 

This message revealed to me I have entangled myself with the noise of the exterior world and blinded myself to all of my fitting-in-ness. I have confused myself in my attempts to not confuse everyone else. I have placed my soul in a box and forgotten who I truly am. 

Consequently, the boxing process is a natural part of my morphing process. The caterpillar boxes itself into a cocoon so that it can dissolve. This too is innate within my own cycle. I have been too afraid to step into my next evolution. I have been hiding in the known of my dissolution. I have resisted stretching out my new wings. 

Today I am claiming the power of my message. 

My voice. 

My evolution. 

The nature of the cosmos is an endless evolution. 

The nature of our cosmos is that at all times we are everything… we are one thing… we are no-thing. 

This is my true nature. 

And I will no longer hide it. 

Today I outstretch my wings. 

Today I claim myself as my one thing.

And so it is.

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