The Social Media Shopping Experience

Running a business and promoting online with social media is much like having a brick and mortar shop (except there is no brick and mortar) and instead of being limited to a local market, we have access to global traffic entering our store any time of day.

Brilliant right?!

Even though we don’t have shelves to stock and walls to dress with promotional posters and ‘SALE NOW’ signage, we DO have a digital screen that behaves in the same way, so it is important that we treat it the same way we would if we did have a shop that we wanted customers to stroll around.

Instead of posters we have graphics, instead of signage we have captions, instead of stock (unless of course you provide physical products), WE are the merchandise. So we want to be cohesive in the way that we treat our online social shop, and all of the parts of it that work for us to provide a high quality experience for the people who enter into our store.

From their finger landing on a post, to clicking on our name to see what we are about, to the experience they get when they decide to have a deeper look down our board of value, we want our target audience to know without a shadow of doubt that they have just scrolled into a social shop that is exactly the epic impact they didn’t know they were looking for. 

Can you remember a time that you have been walking through a shopping mall and casually strolling by, looking in some windows, looking past others. Then in the distance you see a shop that without better way of expressing it, beckons you all the way in. 

For me it was this gorgeous old book store that had this ancient feel about it that in amongst the glittering of lush stores around it, had such a loud whisper that had me leaping into it. 

Walking in I felt tingles of excitement, touching the beautiful books and other antique knickknacks, trying to soak up any secret memories from them that they might have to share. I can’t even remember if I bought anything that day but that curious shop left its mark on me so much so that I can still feel the wonder I felt being inside of it. 

THAT, my friend, is what we want to create when we are providing a Social Media Shopping Experience.

Now you might not want your audience to be swept into an akashic record type experience within your social shop (or maybe you might), but you DO have a FEELING that you want them to feel. Not only while they are in there, but one that lasts within them forever. 

In a brick and mortar shop, the savvy shoppers visiting there today are likely there because they have done extensive research online already and are bee lining for the product or service they know they want to purchase. 

Shopping and investment has evolved drastically, especially in the ever evolving world that we live in. 

This is great for the shops that a buyer is bee lining into, but not necessarily so good for the running overheads of the shops that once relied heavily on passing traffic to stop in.

Luckily for us online Social Shops, social media has become the mall where casual shoppers are scrolling mindlessly in and out. It is the untapped, global market that we all have available to us today.

That makes it up to US to lead in the shopping experience we provide our target audience, who perhaps haven’t discovered that they are mindlessly moving through the marketplace of social media. 

That makes it up to US to set up our Social Shopping experience with the fullest expression of our Brand, Vision, Message & Strategy. 

It’s up to us to provide a feeling within our target audience that has them awakened to the impact we are having in their lives, just by them entering into our space.

What is the experience you want your target audience to have when they are entering your space?

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