The Neutral Perspective

The Neutral Perspective This is a reflective piece that is a collation of what I am learning with my children in our homeschooling journey, living in a world that is currently at war with itself. Our exploration of Sustainability, War & Peace and Archetypal Patterns has provided a vast channel of information. I have certainly found myself in the shadow of the world events, and trying to navigate that has been heavy. This learning experience has inadvertently allowed me to make sense of the masses of information that has been incredibly disarming for me. I have found mys


The Social Media Shopping Experience

The Social Media Shopping Experience Running a business and promoting online with social media is much like having a brick and mortar shop (except there is no brick and mortar) and instead of being limited to a local market, we have access to global traffic entering our store any time of day. Brilliant right?! Even though we don't have shelves to stock and walls to dress with promotional posters and 'SALE NOW' signage, we DO have a digital screen that behaves in the same way, so it is important that we treat it the same way we would if we did have a shop that we wanted



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