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Intuitive Intelligence Initiation

Are you sick of the law of attraction not working for you?

Are you tired of affirmations leaving you feeling like there must be something wrong with you?

Are you tired of finding yourself burnt out chasing your dream of making an epic impact in the world?

I know I certainly was several years ago when I had stumbled upon this training. I was half way through launching my Construction Company and I was living the dream that I had thought I had wanted, except I was still miserable. I was even more exhausted and everything around me was chaos. 

Then I found the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence and there was this undeniable pull from my heart to leap into the unknown of the training grounds of my Intuitive Intelligence. 

Everything changed.

I learned that the Law of Attraction is only a partial truth that describes the nature of the Universe and largely flawed with the harm that it causes in the spiritual community. I learned that the Immutable Laws are the TRUE  holy governance of creation, and my training in the Initiation program set me in right accordance with them. Very quickly I started creating order from my chaos. 

This training Initiated me into the Third Level training with the Institute and beyond that into my postgraduate studies as a Spiritual Director.

It is revolutionary material that is shattering the paradigm of separation that keeps us limited and small.

This teaching is a sacred union of ancient and quantum and it disrupts the conversation of what mainstream teaches (or bypasses) about intuition. 

My cosmic nature is to go big or go home and thus my delivery of this training is of the same standard.

It is not a course that you buy to put on a shelf or in an email folder to return to when you remember.

This is a life giving investment that you absolutely show up for to the fullest of your potential. 

You will get absolutely nothing from it unless you truly show up to do the work.

I am a fierce teacher, and an avid learner and my design of this course has been for someone who, like me, is hungry to extract the richness of life out of my learning. 

Due to this intensive delivery, it is via interview application only as I will not accept money or energy from someone who is not ready or willing to go big or go home with this training. 

Intuitive Intelligence Initiation is a pre-requisite for the 12 month long Third Level training with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence of which I am a licenced and certified Teacher to deliver. This work is a calling home, and for my sisters awakening to the truth of who and what they are, who are feeling the call of the Priestess, Mystic, Leader, who have our beloved High Priestess Mary Magdalene summoning them into Sacred Service, it would be my absolute privilege to serve you in your Initiation home, into the temple, into the cathedral of your heart. 


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