I am so grateful to have you here.

I am a shapeshifter alchemist with lifetimes of stories to tell.

What makes me feel alive with purpose is weaving consciousness with my craft of storytelling.

I am passionate about the nature of story telling as this is how we create our reality. Whether they are conscious stories or subconscious, the messages we think, speak, write, dance. film – have power.

They have the power to birth life and the power to bring death.

My message is primarily of my own transformation. A journey from mental illness to spiritually fierceness. A quest from shame to empowered. A voyage from hiding to shining.

I have an endless hunger to learn, and part of my medicine is extracting the nectar of life that comes in my studies of reality and then inducing its richness into the stories I share with you.

I know I am here to make an epic impact in the world and if you know that you are too, then this space has been designed to be a source of inspiration for you so that you can share your own transformation.

The world yearns to see you, to know you, to feel you, to hear you.

This is the portal that my stories will live. If you wish to stay updated, subscribe to my blog below!


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A shapeshifter alchemist with lifetimes of stories to tell.

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