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Shine on social media - $600 AUD

SHINE is a service that ensures that the message you are wanting to share is the message received by your audience. 

It identifies any gaps and ways that your people might be confused and falling away from making a commitment to you. 

What’s included:

  • 90 minute session to identify the limiting subconscious story that is confusing your audience and holding them back from going all in with you.
  • A social media audit with a detailed report and feedback to bring your message into alignment.
  • Branded graphic templates for you to bridge your message into the hearts of your ideal clients so that they have clear access into service with you!

SHINE louder than the social media noise the with confidence that your social media shopfront reflects your POWER MESSAGE and is maximizing your impact!

Repurpose Your Storytelling - $2000 AUD

Are you burnt out by reinventing the wheel every single day to maintain a solid social media presence?

Are you butchering your time, money and message by constantly trying to create new content?

Do you have no space or energy to focus on scaling your business?

Repurpose is a service that buys you FREEDOM.

What’s included:

  • 90 minute session to identify the limiting subconscious story that keeps you stuck on the hamster wheel of content creation
  • CORE IDENTITY alignment
  • 1 promo video made out of your repurposed content that gets to show up and do the heavy lifting for you

Stand out with your content by REPURPOSING with a powerful promo video.

Glam Your Personal Image - $2000 AUD

You are the main product of your service and your personal image matters. You are the face of your brand and if you do not reflect the image of what your service feels, then you are not instilling confidence in your potential clients. 

Glam is a service designed to raise the roof with your self esteem to bring out your inner most beauty for the world to SEE just as much as they can already FEEL.

What’s included:

  • Consultation form to establish your beauty and make up regime
  • 90 minute session to identify the subconscious story limiting you from showing up FULLY.
  • Social media audit on how you are PERSONALLY showing up (not the memes or stock images, your beautiful, glorious face!)
  • Detailed report & feedback with suggestions for make up essentials & styling aesthetic, 
  • 60 minute zoom make up lesson
  • 30 minute follow up make up practice session

Glam en scene - $2000 AUD

Your scene provides subconscious information to your audience and clients. Does your scene say professional, hobby, something else?

Glam en scene is a service provided to bring the fullest expression of your story into the scene that is your Virtual space.

Don’t leave the message of your space to chance! Take ownership of all of your space, and let your people see just how serious you are to be of service to them.

What’s included:

  • 90 minute session to identify the subconscious story limiting you from claiming the fullness of your power
  • 30 minute zoom audit to establish the power message of your service, your brand, who you are here to serve and what resources you already have available
  • Detailed report with feedback on how to transform your space into a true reflection of your power message
  • 30 minute follow up progress session for additional support in the transformation of your Glam en scene

Streamline Your Storytelling - $5000 AUD

If the only way your message gets out there is by you having to take time out every single day to drive it, you are going to find yourself either burning out or hiding out. 

You have put a CAP on how much you can serve because you don’t have the time, energy, or both. 

What can you buy with an extra 5-10+ hours a week?

How many clients does that create space for? 

How much space to breathe & do nothing?

What’s included:

  • 90 minute session to identify the subconscious story that is capping your time, clients & money
  • 30 minute establishment session to determine your service offers, social channels & content marketing goals
  • Full set up of Streamline in Asana including a comprehensive archive of your stories
  • 30 minute training for you to take the reigns of your Streamlined Strategy

Subconscious Story Telling - $500 AUD

“I am not worthy of clients that make my heart sing.” 

“If I am not busy I am not doing it right.” 

“I must serve everyone else before myself because I am not really worthy.” 

These are some of the stories that I have supported my clients to rewrite within their subconscious.

These are the types of stories that have us cycling in sabotage, holding ourselves back from our greatness, from making an epic impact in the world.

What’s included:

  • 90 minute session to identify the dominant subconscious story limiting you from making an epic impact
  • Follow up email with tools to support you on the next phase of your journey
  • Sacred 13 Divine Feminine Archetypes Cards

Streamline Your Storytelling $1950 AUD

Whether you are someone who is just starting out or someone who is already in service, Streamline Your Storytelling is focused on giving you freedom and spaciousness in your schedule so that you can actually LIVE your story. When you invest in this service, I help you to set up this strategy in Asana and also do the work to archive the content that you have already shared across your social media channels. I then train you how to use this strategy and get the most of implementing it in the storytelling of your service.

Repurpose Your Storytelling - $1500

Let your stories be a living breathing part of your Sacred Service by giving them the spotlight more than just a single post. A single written post or a 15 minute livestream can easily be crafted into 5-10 new posts to share with your audience. Repurposed Storytelling is a service that allows you the freedom to grow your business by extracting the GOLD from your story to use over and over again. Repurpose your written or video content and give your sacred service a cutting edge experience of your entified story!

Glam Your Personal Image - $1450 AUD

When you are the main product of your sacred service, your personal image matters. You are the face of your service and if you do not reflect the image of what your service feels, then there is incongruence. Glamming up my sisters is a craft of my storytelling that I adore doing. I see through the layers of skin and blood vessels into the cosmic light of your soul. When you invest in Glam Your Personal Image, I help to bring the cosmic light to the outside so that your audience and clients can experience the fullest expression of your congruence.


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