An intensive cocoon to craft divine mastery.

You have have spent your life working tirelessly. You come from a world where success is measured by working long hours, sacrificing pleasure for pain. You have adapted into a masculine dominant work ethic, either by the modelling of a parent who was constantly working to provide for you at the expense of their own joy, or by working in a male dominant society where you have had to perform in a way that deemed you worthy to work alongside the male counterparts in your industry. You have built yourself an identity built on the worth you have embedded into your ability to work hard. All of your accomplishments serve you as merit to the value you offer.

This no longer feels good enough for you. This endless push to work for no gain and no fulfillment feels as though it is bleeding you dry. You look around and see the destruction this is causing in our society. Yet every time you give yourself permission to be still and silent in the void of your feminine creativity, your workhorse masculine berates you for not doing enough. You long to dissolve into a free flow with your femininity, to create an epic impact in the world without having to slave yourself to it. Yet when you stop and honor this yearning, you feel lost and inadequate. Your merit and self worth are devoid and redundant when you sit in the stillness and silence of creation.

When we work together in this intensive, deep dive journey, we are extracting the nectar of your life-giving feminine essence so that you can truly stand in the power of alignment. When we work together, we infuse every thought, every word, every action you weave from the union of your divine feminine energy and divine masculine energy. A sacred union that gives birth to the divine story teller within you.

This container is an alchemical cocoon for you to dissolve on a cellular level, so that you can then emerge into the world as the purest expression of yourself.

This is for the woman who has a yearning to weave with her powerful message that lay dormant within her while the toxic masculine dictates for survival.

I am here to hold you as the divine masculine that you are learning to embrace, and model to you an intimacy with the divine feminine who you are yearning to embody. Together, in this co-creative union, we will craft your souls message to the world that comes from the alignment of your wholeness.


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