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Vulnerable visibility is the art of being seen exactly as we are. It is a radical act of self-acceptance that our darkest thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are just as beautiful as our light. Our vulnerable visibility is not only our medicine, it is our service to those around us.

This community is a dynamic space for the exploration of psycho-spirituality, authentic expression, and impactful storytelling.

It is founded on the values of




and is dedicated to the values of




Each of the themes provide the basis for conversations and engagements inside this community. It makes sense, therefore, that by joining us here that you have some interest in learning more and/or contributing your wisdom to these topics.

By requesting to join this community, please ensure that you have read our CODE of ETHICS and agree to the non-negotiable boundaries that protect the integrity of this space.

Archetypal Photoshoot - $1600aud

It is time to gather again with like-minded humans who have a desire to be captured in a unique, empowering expression of authenticity. 

This is an opportunity to play with the light and the dark through the lens of archetypal expression, where we can explore our own patterns of behaviour and channel them into a piece of art.  

The creative concept for this shoot is a combination of Archetypal expression, which means that there will be some body painting, (yay!) with intentional low-key lighting that adds depth and meaning to your expression.

1:1 Spiritual Direction - $249aud

In a Spiritual Direction session we work together towards an Integrated Identity so that you can walk through your life with confidence. With the medicine of Vulnerable Visibility & Archetypal Storytelling, our work together is led by you at a pace that is safe and sustainable. 

This work is suited for humans who may be having a tough time making changes in their lives that they are perhaps trying to make without any support. 

Some changes you might be looking to integrate may be;

  • – Emotion regulation
  • – Interpersonal and Intrapersonal relationship skills
  • – Integrative rituals that support your holistic health

This work is not a quick fix and is best taken at a pace that is sustainable over time. 

Book in for a free virtual cuppa and a chat to see if Spiritual Direction is the right fit for your needs.

Group Spiritual Direction - COMING SOON

  • There is a a glorious alchemy that happens when like minded humans gather together. I have recently moved to Gin Gin, Qld of the Bundaberg Wide Bay region and am looking at offering monthly circles to my local community.  In a group setting we experience the beautiful dynamics of communal expression. Vulnerable Visibility is primed for this exchange.
  • Together in a group we can explore the archetypal stories that we are experiencing individually and as a community and be supported with Integrative Practices that help to empower us to walk with confidence through our lives. 
  • The group dynamic also builds esteem in community, something we humans crave so deeply in a world that largely separates us with the conveniance of the digital world at our fingertips. 
  • Please get in touch if you are local to Gin Gin, Bundaberg or Childers Qld and would like to be a part of an in person group experience. 

Guest Facilitator - GET IN TOUCH

  • If you identify as a Sacred Leader, facilitation does not have to be carried alone. In my experience, when you have a team of collaborators supporting you to support your community, you increase your power to serve. 
  • If you have day experiences or retreats that you feel would be valuable to have a Spiritual Director supporting both yourself and your attendees, I would love to have a chat with you to discuss what possibilities are available to us. 
  • In person, online & travel options are available. 


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Ko wai au

Te taha o te whaia

Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Pukihikio me te tui o te o marama nga maunga

Ko Mangapu te awa

Ko Ngati Kinohaku te hapu

Ko Ngati Maniapoto te iwi

Ko Oparure te marae

Ko Wetere Tahi raua ko Tiria Eketone matua tipuna

Ko Chris West raua ko Teressa Tahi matua

Ko Kia West 


We pay respects to our teachers for the wisdom that has been passed on and lives on through our service to our clients and communities at large.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land from which we serve, the Kabi Kabi people of the Taribelang Bunda Nation. 

We pay our respects to the Elders past, present, and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders of all communities who also work and live on this land. 

We honour them for serving as the Spiritual Gatekeepers and caretakers of this land for thousands of years.