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A menu of storytelling services that support you in living the fullest expression of your Sacred Service while back end tasks that are not within your scope are taken care of for you. Some things are simply not your zone of genius, and that is ok! Stop trying to be all of the hats when it is far more cost efficient and energy efficient to have someone do the tedious stuff for you!

Group Teaching

The way that I love to teach is with a teaching, praxis and reflective model. This is a model I feel passionately about because it allows my students to learn to their strengths, while creating the primed conditions for the learning methods they are still developing. It is a model that requires the student to actively engage to get the most, but in a way that provides the learning experience that is optimal. It is a universal application of learning that can be customised per individual to be inclusive of all learners. It is a holistic measure of learning, of growth, of development, that goes beyond the intellectual acceptance of new information into a realm of skills that can be transferred across all areas of life.

1:1 Training

Working 1:1 is the most intensive way of working with me where we can amplify the training we do together. While my energetic container is forged with infinite compassion, my sight on your unlimitedness is unwavering and at times that means that I am calling you out on the sabotage and holding you in the fire of your own bullshit. Working 1:1 is a fast, intensive pace, best suited to the go-getters who want to get it done! Paradoxically, when we work 1:1 we also honour the feminine cycle so that when you and I are in the phase where we need to retreat, we are supported with softness and grace.

Archetypal Photoshoot

An archetype is a pattern of energy that embodies both the shadow and the light. When we open ourselves to see the world through archetypes, we are able to see beyond attachment and apply a higher consciousness to the way that we experience the world.

A large part of my work as an Intuitive Intelligence Trainer and Story Strategist is creating stories with archetypal patterns. Whether that is in guided journeys, or… in epic photoshoots where I connect you with the primary archetype who is supporting you! With this service you get both! Journey through time and space with an archetype, be transfigured and photographed as your fullest expression as your sacred archetype.


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