The nature of our universe is a constant co-creation. When we weave together, we create a new world together.

Crafting is Mastering 1:1

An intensive cocoon to craft divine mastery.

When we work together in this intensive, deep dive journey, we are extracting the nectar of your life-giving feminine essence so that you can truly stand in the power of alignment. When we work together, we infuse every thought, every word, every action you weave from the union of your divine feminine energy and divine masculine energy. A sacred union that gives birth to the divine story teller within you.

Initiate Your Sacred Service

When you are called to the path of sacred service, the noise in the field pulling you this way and that becomes deafening. This 13 week program supports you to silence the noise so that you can align with your heart and initiate your service into the world.

Craft Your Sacred Service

Sacred service is an alignment with your heart and a willingness to get spiritually fierce. This 10-day self paced program supports you to clear the pathway to your sacred service by teaching you how to do the deep work of deep faith with a number of powerful practices that increase your power to serve.


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A shapeshifter alchemist with lifetimes of stories to tell.

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